Suspending services: The best security measure?

Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, a few hours before Eidul Fitr informed the country that cellular network will remain suspended from 12 am to 10 am on August19 – 20 due to security reasons.

The government was lauded for the pre-emptive measures it undertook to avert terrorism. However, the inconvenience this disruption caused people also holds much significance.

Did the government act well to suspend the network in a hasty move or could the situation have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner?

Was shutting down the entire network for millions the only plausible solution to avert a catastrophe?

Did this move make it difficult for people communicate with their loved ones on Eid especially when cellular phones are the most used form of communication in Pakistan?

Given the law and order situation of Pakistan, did the government provide any alternative to the people of Pakistan in case of an emergency?

Share with us the details of your experience when the power to communicate was literally taken away from Pakistanis.


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